About Us


Swami Vivekananda had a great vision for the youth of our country. With the clear philosophy of life, proper understanding of values and culture, our youth can be developed into a beacon lights. The presence of even a handful of such youth in the society can make a huge difference in the process of Nation Building.

For achieving the vision Mr.D.Rajanna, B.Sc M.Ed, Chairman, The Golden Valley Public School , has initiated to provide holistic education enabling them to make the right choices to achieve high academic and personal excellence.

Arise Awake and stop not till the goal is reached!

The Institution

It is a co–educational, secular wholly Indian school catering standardized education to the locality. The years witnessed many milestones of excellent achievements in Academics, co -curricular activities , sports and games, which aimed at improving the quality education, moral education and all round development of students.

The golden valley public school is enlighted by the teachers family working in the field of education from past 35 years. The school was initiated with the vision to impact global level education to the students along with imparting Indian cultural morals and values.

“The students who set out with spirit and preserve will surely find success”
Swami Vivekananda

A good basic education is every child's birthright. With this in mind, in the year 2013, M D RAJANNA established THE GOLDEN VALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL. Our school is a Co-education school and offers affordable education. Our teaching staff strives hard to foster holistic growth and development of your child. Ensuring them of a strong educational foundation, in order to build a great career ahead. Equal amount of attention is given to every student, collaborating with their parents, in order to enhance their learning skills and aptitude. All teachers at THE GOLDEN VALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL constantly upgrade their skills, working towards improved teaching methods, aiming to achieve newer milestones in the field of education. The environment in our school is conducive for scholastic and co-scholastic learning. We encourage our students in the spirit of healthy competition, equip them to be disciplined, well coordinated and excel individually as well as in a team.

Our History

The golden valley public school made its humble beginning in the name of G. SATHISH MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL TRUST and by the gracious blessings of sri sri Nanjavadhoota Mahaswamiji , Gurugunda Brahmeshwara Swamy mahasamsthana Mutt, sira. This institution is managed and nurtured by the teachers family in the field of education from the past 30years. It has been fund with the vision to impact Global level education with Indian values.

The school was founded 30 years ago by the teachers family with the motivation to impart education that will induce traditionally and advances methods of providing knowledge. We want to make sure that every child who is in the school, should be able to face the challenges of future and we work to impart confidence and creativity.