We believe in giving a pure, pollution-free environment, one with close proximity to nature, making it stress-free for children to learn, play and grow. Our school is set in a lovely campus in Andrahalli, Vishwaneedam, Bengaluru, which is conveniently reachable for parents.

School provides best support and exposure to students by conducting stage talks and shows, class activities , individual interactions and group activities. More importance is given to moral education, integrated development, etiquette and manners. Best exposure to students through interschool competitions at Zonal level, state level Competitions. Mastering General knowledge through knowledge Boards, Quiz boards and through Programme like quiz for all and seminars.

Group System

To encourage the competitive spirit among the students and to cultivate greatest discipline the school management has a Group Division Scheme for the students. The pupils are divided into four groups in each class and are bunched together at school level so that each house will have members of all age groups. Each group is given a name and coded with a particular leader. The main objective of this system develop leadership skills, team spirit, co-ordination, mutual respect and care, which are the key ingredients for a successful life today’s competitive world.

Most of the competitions conducted in the school are in the line with house system mechanism in terms of participation and prizing. The four houses are named after the great rivers of India Himalaya, Vindhya, Sahyadri, sivalik. It is compulsory for every student to be member of a house. Each house is under the in charge of a Teacher and along with the House Captain and Subordinates.


Today’s world is a technical world where science and infiormation technology plays a vital role in our lives. The smallest of the activities are entwined with technology. In order to give more scope and emphasis on widening the technical knowledge we have formed seven clubs for students.

Students can enroll to anyone of the above clubs to enrich their knowledge bank by participating in the various activities of the clubs in the specialty of the clubs is that the student faculty is also enrolled as a member in order to give proper guidance by virtue of their expertise and experience in the subject. Science exhibition and periodical competitions pertaining to different clubs are conducted to bring out the hidden talents of the students.

  • Eco Club
  • Sports club
  • Wellness Club
  • Kalpana club
  • Heritage club
  • Information technology club
  • Students Nutrition

How do we create excitement, fun, magic moments and memories in learning?

We offer a number of activities to involve students and spend their time having fun during learning. Here are some of the programs we offer to make the children’s learning more memorable.

  • Flexible Year Plan
  • Teacher’s vision for the class, shared with the children
  • Interdisciplinary Learning

“Learning without reflection is, like filling the bath without putting the plug in.”

Our children actively involved in their learning and evolving through knowledge. The grow through scrutinising what we do through action research, measuring levels of engagement and through evolving practice with ongoing reviewing and refining.

“Our school is excellent because there are lots of fun activities.”